Online UPS Single Phase O/P-MF1101L3

BP 650
Key Features & Application




  • High Frequency and double conversion on-line technology.
  • Fully digitalized microprocessor control.
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Highly Efficient upto 90%
  • High input power factor > 0.99
  • LCD display
  • Cold start
  • IGBT both Inverter & Rectifier stage.
  • Advanced battery management
  • Automatic battery charge in UPS OFF mode
  • Short circuit & overload protection.
  • EMI/RFI noise filter.
  • Smart RS232 communications with monitoring software
  • Optinoal SNMP Card slot.
  • High reliability digital control
  • Full protection function
Capacity (VA) 1000
Nominal Voltage 220 / 230 / 240Vac
Operating voltage range 80V-280Vac (Depends on Load %), 110V-300Vac (Based on load at 50%), 160V-280VAC(based on load at 100%)
Operating frequency range 46~54Hz±0.5Hz or 56~64Hz±0.5Hz (auto sensing 50/60 Hz)
Power factor ≥0.99
Output voltage/Power factor 220V  230V / 240V AC ±1% / 0.8 Std. / 0.9 (Optional)
Output frequency Sychronized with the utility on AC mode; 50Hz/60Hz±0.1% on Battery mode
Output  voltage THD <2% (linear load), <3% (Non Linear Load)
Crest Factor 3:1(max)
Efficiency Overal: 90%, Inverter: 86%
DC Voltage 36V DC
Charge Current (Standard unit) 1A
Charge Current (long run unit) 6A (Adjustable)
Typical recharge time 8 Hours(to 90% of full capacity)
LCD indication 1. Input voltage/frequency, battery voltage, output voltage/frequency, load watt/VA and percent, inverter temperature
2. Operation mode such as “on line”, “on batt”, or “or bypass”
LED indication 1. Green LED for normal operation
2. Yellow LED for warning condition
3. Red LED for abnormal operation
4. Amber LED for normal battery mode
Overload capability 1. >110%, 30s turn to bypass mode;
2. >150%, 300ms turn to bypass mode
Transfer time Between AC Mode and Battery Mode : 0ms
Between AC Mode and Bypass Mode : 4ms (typical value 2.5ms)
Communication interface RS232 ; SNMP (optional)
Operating temperature 0~50℃
Storage Temperature -25~70 ℃
Humidity range 0%~95% (non-condensing) at 0℃ ~ 50℃
Altitude <1500m
Noise Level <45dB
Net/Shipping Weight (kg) (Long run unit) 5.6/6.8
Net/Shipping Weight (kg) (Standard unit) 14/16
Dimension W×D×H (mm) 380×143×209
Packing W×D×H (mm) 472×208×310
Safety IEC/EN62040-1; IEC/EN60950-1
EMC IEC/EN62040-2; IEC61000-4-2; IEC61000-4-3; IEC61000-4-4; IEC61000-4-5; IEC61000-4-6; IEC61000-4-8